The Birge & Held Way

Enhancing Lives by Transforming Communities

It's fun to work in a company where people truly believe in what they are doing. At Birge & Held, we are committed to bringing excitement and energy to the business of multifamily housing. In addition to challenging and meaningful work, you will have the opportunity to work alongside many talented individuals and experience the support, coaching and training it takes to advance yourself personally and professionally.

In order to cultivate a collaborative and engaging workforce, we hire talent that exudes competence and exhibits behaviors that reflect our shared passion and core values: Leadership at Every Level, Passion for People and Always Learning.

Leadership at Every Level

At Birge & Held we see every employee as a leader within our organization. We believe that our fast-paced, innovative and respectful organizational culture is defined by the behavior and actions of our leaders. We have found that the best way to cultivate and reinforce our company culture is to hire individuals that want to lead by example and create experiences that we can all learn from and build upon. To be a value-based leader, one must engage their team and not shy away from supporting others. We look for leaders who are willing to work side by side to get the job done. One team — One Mission

Passion for People

Spirited leaders love their work and believe in what they are doing. To be a spirited leader within our organization, one must understand that the most valuable resource in our business is the people; our employees, residents, vendors, investors and community members. We expect our leaders to use their experiences to lift people up so that they can achieve their own success. We expect our leaders to incorporate our core values regularly in their everyday decision-making

We believe the best way to invoke passion is to exude passion.

Always Learning

Our dynamic and complex business model requires a new way of thinking, from leaders at every level of our organization. We expect our leaders to lean on our core values to drive performance, especially in times of change or growth. Our leaders must model a willingness to grow, develop and foster our culture of learning. B&H is highly involved in local apartment associations and offers continuing education and certification opportunities to our team members.

Birge & Held earned the 2019 ScaleUp Culture of the Year Award. This national award recognizes companies that have found a way to scale growing businesses while prioritizing their people and culture.

“We celebrated our 10-year anniversary last year, a milestone that might not have been possible without the incredible team of top talent that we have at Birge & Held,” said Andrew Held, President and COO of Birge & Held.

“We have been fortunate to build a team who is just as passionate about our mission - Enhancing Lives by Transforming Communities - as Tag Birge and I were when we started the firm and we are thankful to each and every employee for making Birge & Held what it is today.

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